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Before I knew the name of the candle I knew its essence…Innocence.

I knew the emotion I wanted to evoke: unconditional love. Whether I was meditating, cooking, or riding my bike I became obsessed with thinking about this…I would ask myself questions: “What is it you see when you look at young black boys, and men that you feel some dont see? What is it you know about these men and boys that others dont know?”

Innocence. Joy. Vulnerability. Sensitivity. Mysticism. Romance. Playful. Powerful. Fun. Kind. Generous. Silly. Brilliant. Creative. Reliable. Worthy. Lovely. 

These were some of the words that came up for me… And ultimately at the core of each of these words was that undeniable innocence that we all embody.  And so, I went on a quest to create a scent that matched all of these words, with Innocence,  being the main pillar.

For me the citrus and grapefruit notes represent the vibrant and energizing essence of youth & childlike dreams.  Sandalwood and Musk offer grounding energy, reliability, and represent power and creation.  The combination feels sweet, powerful, mystical, playful, Godly.  This was my inspiration…

May this young boy have a chance at becoming this man,  May this man feel as innocent as this little boy. They are one and the same…Innocent.

I always envisioned a beautiful face, the face of a young boy with the warm glow of the candle light radiating through.  I truly wanted it to represent the spirit of the boy. And then I decided I wanted to add the man to the same piece of art so that they could be reflections of one another.  My dear friend and incredible artist Miles Regis is well-known for his depiction of black people in a whimsical abstract manner that forces you to ponder.  As the images became clearer in my mind, his face came to mind as well.  The second I called to share my vision he immediately said, Done! Im in.” He already had an idea of what the faces should be… it wasnt long before we had our Innocent faces staring back at us.