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A Return to Home

This photo symbolizes a sacred Journey or pilgrimage… a return to home.

I found this photo at my grandmother Mama Berhane’s home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was in an old box among her most treasured possessions. The photo shows my grandmother and other family members on one of the many religious pilgrimages they would take throughout the year.

As I stared at this photo, I couldn’t stop thinking how it perfectly symbolized the faith, dedication and love of my ancestors. Drawn to it… I brought this photo back home to the States, and am honored to share it with you.

Over the past year, I found myself looking at this photo a lot. I was mesmerized by the determination and beauty it captured. Seeing everyone wrapped in their Gabis as they made their way up the steep mountain to pray and give thanks, I could almost feel their prayers. It was if they were praying for “us “and we have become the lucky recipients of their love and well wishes.

My first collection of candles is an homage to all of my ancestors. Their strength and devotion is what inspired me to create Addis VIV. So, to them, I say thank you. We are home.


About Addis VIV

The word “Addis” means “New” in the native Ethiopian language, Amharic. “New” can mean not only the birth of new ideas, but the rebirth and re-imagining of old traditions.

The initials “VIV” stand for “Venus in Venice”. Its inclusion in the company’s name serves not only as an homage to our founder’s first brick and mortar store, but to the love, beauty, and prosperity that both the goddess Venus and city Venice are known for.

At ADDIS VIV, we strive to create exciting new designs to enrich your home, while drawing inspiration from and honoring ancient cultures. We invite you to explore our vision. Welcome home!

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