Saying Yes To Sacred Living
July 27, 2023

Can you believe it’s been five years since my last update on all things home, real estate, and LA treasures?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve lived 10 lives in the past five years.  I’ve been thinking about you and genuinely want to reconnect to hear what has transpired in your life and share what I’ve been up to, during some of the most life-altering years we have encountered.

During the pandemic, a long-ignored internal voice led me to create products that would help turn homes and work environments into sacred spaces. I often noticed myself saying (in my head and to anyone who would listen), “Nothing is sacred anymore”. So instead of complaining, I made a decision to begin creating. While I still enjoyed identifying and assisting in the purchase of properties, I felt incredibly moved to begin promoting slow, sacred living. This high-speed, fast paced world was robbing us of the slower and sweeter things in life. 

In 2021 I launched my company Addis VIV, by introducing my first creation: the Tsehai Bowl. A magical, 17-wick candle that radiates light like the sun. My intention was to create an inspiring, living piece of art that can serve many purposes. We’re often told that this glowing vessel captures you at first blush—and can easily serve as a meditative object with a delectable scent that envelops every space. Mission accomplished!

I initially created this candle for myself in January 2020, and if it wasn’t for the Tsehai bowl, I think my experience during the pandemic would not have been as peaceful and healing.  I wanted to share this candle and the scents I created with everyone because of the healing I was experiencing in such a dark time… I also thought it would be a beautiful way to be connected to everyone at a time when many feel isolated. Knowing that something I created was in your home, inspiring you and bringing you joy or calm, brought me tremolos. 

For us, the Tsehai Bowl is a cornerstone in our intention practice: we light the Tsehai and take a moment to set an intention prior to the first burn. Thereafter, whenever you light your candle, you reactivate your intention energetically, without a second thought. So, this is what I’ve been up too! Growing this company, and doing our part in slowing life down so we can focus on our well being instead of the rat race. 

Addis VIV is the physical embodiment of a movement concerned with highlighting and promoting the beauty of a sacred, slow-living lifestyle.  These days, the world and everything in it moves way too fast and our participation without confrontation is our silent agreement to abide by this energy, consciously or otherwise.  I long for slower days, checking answering machines, sending letters, lighting candles and getting lost in the flame instead of our phone or laptop screen…ADDIS VIV is my vehement objection to be ruled by all things quick, fast and hurried. 

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