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Traditional handwoven, hand-spun multi-purpose blankets. The Gabi is the one thing you’ll find in every Ethiopian or Eritrean home. From farmers to diplomats, children to elders, The Gabi is the common denominator in every Habesha’s life. It is a source of comfort, protection and cultural significance.

The Gabi is made of four layers of hand-woven cotton, fused together by one vertical seam down the center. This allows for easy draping across the body. While most people use the blanket as a household item, the Gabi is often worn by men outdoors in the City or in the Mountains of Ethiopia because of its ability to shield you from harsh weather. Historically, the Gabi has been used by men only, while women have worn the Netela, a two-layered shawl made of the same cotton.

The Gabi is also adorned on special occasions such as weddings and religious holidays. While the majority of the Gabis have a simple aesthetic of being off-white with a modest fringe, the more ornate Gabis have colorful patterns, which can include gold/silver bands on the edge of the blanket.

How to use: Style as a throw blanket, or throw around your shoulder for cooler evenings; can also be used as a tapestry and table cloth.

Caring for your Gabi: Wash by hand in cold water or washing machine on cold, tumble dry low.

Please note: As you wear and wash your Gabi more and more, the blanket will be broken-in and begin to have a more intentionally worn appearance. These blankets are made by hand and with love by Ethiopian weavers. Just as humans are, each blanket will be unique and may have irregularities from one to the next. We see these as signs of character and hope you’ll appreciate and love them as much as we do.

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