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Our Innocent Candle stands at the heart of The Innocent Campaign:  a social justice initiative calling for the protection of Black and Brown men and children–innocent victims of hate crimes, racial profiling, and often falsely incarcerated & wrongly accused.  Birthed in response to the senseless killing of Black and Brown people and an homage to all of the families and people globally who have lost their husbands, brothers, and sons.  This is a veil of protection and love.

Miles Regis’ depiction of father and son on the front of the candle stands for the transfer of innocence that is normally attributed to children, but still resides in the man.  The label on the back of the candle is a play on a mugshot with of a focus on truth. Their innocence.  Our use of black wax is specific to candles that are intended to be lit as homage to something or someone…two wicks represent the spirit of the boy and the man depicted on the art, and for the larger candle featuring three wicks, the third represents us: the collective spirit of protection.

Crafted using natural coconut wax, the Innocent candle (beautiful in its own right), also acts as a medium to bring intention meditation & prayer to your space.  It is our hope that you too, will invoke peace & protection with each burn, and join us in creating a light-filled chain that envelops those victimized solely based on the color of their skin.

50% of the net proceeds will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative.  Pre-order sales available now!

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